Send photos

Do you have photos of a GT40? Do you know where there are photos we could use?

Send all photos to the email address listed below. If photos are large please send 1 or 2 per email

Please send large photos – as large as you have – do not reduce size at all

Please include any and all information you have with the photo so we can give proper photo credit.

Photo credits and copyrights – we will endeavor to give proper credit for any photo w publish if we know the source or photographer.

If you are the photographer or know who the photographer is on any photo we have published, please contact us with this info.

if you are the copyright holder and wish for us to remove any photo please contact us.


Do you have information about a GT40? Please send it to the email address below or use the comment form at bottom of this page and submit your information.

If you have information about a specific GT40 chassis number please submit that info on the proper page in our main archives site. Or just send it to me and I’ll place it in the proper location.





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