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Brian Evans
Hi there, During one of my (infrequent) reviews of what is on my system, I was reminded that I had never passed on an image of the above car. I think it was taken around September 1966 either before or after Zeltweg. I was the mechanic(shown) employed by Viscount Downe who co-owned the car with Paddy McNally, the editor of Autosport, having bought it from the Essex Wire Corporation.

Last time I heard it was owned by a Mr Maldonado (Not Pastor, of Grand Prix fame) but that was a few years ago now.


Send in your photos of any GT40 car and we will publish them here for all to enjoy.

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If you only have photographs you can hold in your hands and not digital versions please find one one who can scan them to digital versions.

Most younger people can do that or figure out how to do that for you.

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  1. Please find attached image of GT40P/1026, at the time owned by Viscount Downe, driven primarily by Mike Salmon. The image was taken at White Waltham Aerodrome, adjacent to the John Deere tractor factory where we rented a workshop. I am the person in the image(I was the team mechanic) and I believe that it was taken before/after Zeltweg in September 1966, although the race number in GT40 history records it as ‘7’

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