1 thought on “GT40 P/1051

  1. Hi: Loved seeing #1051 in your photos archive.I owned this car from 1970 thru 1983 when it was purchased by Chris MacAllister of Indiamapolis. Three years ago I was reunited with this car and had the pleasure of driving it again on the streets of Indy. Chris is a serious collector and vintage racer and I got to see some of his collection. Starting with FI he has a 1977 ex-Lauda Ferrari and a l967 Lotus #49 that was Clarks winning car at the first race using the DFV motor. Add to this a 917..M8F…chevron..and serious street cars…427 Cobra (not a kit) Audi R8 & fastest street 911 turbo. I could not think of a more deserving home for my 40 which now sleeps 10 feet from the most collectable race car of all time (see article on Lotus in May 2013 R&T Mag Regards; Bill

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